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Welcome to the Oak Hills Evangelical Covenant Church website. We hope this space is simply an extension of who we are, a community shaped by the cross, committed to being a blessing to our local communities, and being formed by worshipping Jesus Christ together.


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Marilyn Williams - Packing House Principles

You’ve come to the right place to listen to the July 27 sermon entitled “Packing House Principles”.  This sermon covers Matthew 7:15-20.

SHINE Volunteer Opportunities

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We have a hunch you’ll want to check out some of these volunteer opportunities happening in your community.

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Marilyn Williams - Unpopular Discipleship

Will you be taking the narrow road or the wide road?  If you missed Pastor Marilyn’s July 20 sermon, entitled “Unpopular Discipleship”, click here to find out.

Join us on Sunday at 9:30am for Pastor Marilyn’s “Unpopular Discipleship” sermon covering Matthew 7:13-14.

Alex Aguas - Fiddling With the Roof

This is Pastor Alex’s July 13 “Fiddling With the Roof” sermon which covers Mark 2:1-12.

Restoration is a two-part process…foregiveness and healing.

Pastor Alex

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