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Welcome to the Oak Hills Evangelical Covenant Church website. We hope this space is simply an extension of who we are, a community shaped by the cross, committed to being a blessing to our local communities, and being formed by worshipping Jesus Christ together.


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You’ve probably heard the term “human trafficking”, but do you really know what it’s about? Come to Oak Hills this Sunday, Sept. 21, at 9:30am to hear from Kyle Moss, co-founder of the Alabaster Jar Project. A special offering will be taken. Invite your friends.

Marilyn Williams - Mistaken Zeal

Open your Bibles to Matthew 12:1-8 and listen to Sunday’s sermon entitled “Mistaken Zeal”.

Mercy is not critical or judgmental. It is undeserved love.

Pastor Marilyn

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Covenant Group this Sunday as the groups begin the week of Sept. 21.  The choices are:

Clark - every other Tuesday @ 6pm - dinner rotation - Vista
Pitman/Weber - Tuesdays @ 7pm - Shadowridge
Dunn/Swanson - Wednesdays @ 7pm - San Marcos
(Oct. 14 start) Williams/Bason - Tuesdays @ 7pm - San Marcos

Are you a vendor who would like to rent a booth?  Are you a shopper who would like to buy?  Save the date!  Saturday. November 8, 9am to 2pm is the Shadowridge Marketplace.

Marilyn Williams - New Beginnings

Click here to listen to the Sunday, Sept. 7 “Jesus Said What?” sermon series entitled, “New Beginnings”.  This sermon covers Mark 2:1-12.

Angel’s Depot Emergency Food Drive

Please consider donating any of the following items to Angel’s Depot.  They are running low and need our help to assist Seniors in our community.  Please bring your contribution(s) to Oak Hills on Sept. 14 and/or Sept 21.

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Whatever we lean on or look to to be right with God, will become our god.

Pastor Marilyn

Shine Volunteer Opportunities

Hand-picked just for you 

We have a hunch you’ll want to check out some of these volunteer opportunities happening in your community.

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Marilyn Williams - Eternal Echoes

Pastor Marilyn continued the “Jesus Said What?” series on August 31 with a sermon entitled, “Eternal Echoes”  Click here to listen.

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